Submission Instructions for the Oviedo Photo Club Website Banner

Photographs should be in .jpg format.


They should be 72 dpi.  In case you are concerned about the low dpi, do not be.  All the images you see on the web are shown at this resolution.


The ratio of the image should be 3 to 2, so 6 x 4, 12 x 8 or any variation of this ratio will work.  You can submit a portrait orientation photo but it will be limited in height to the short edge


The most important thing is that the picture dimensions should be 900 px by 600 px.  This will result in an un-pixilated image.  If you submit a photo with smaller dimensions, even if the dpi is above 72 it will pixilate when the dimensions are increased.


The easiest way to save your image for the web in Photoshop or Elements


In the toolbar Go to File>Save for Web. A window similar to the image below will open with your image displayed.


At the bottom left corner you will see a box where you can change how your image

is displayed.  Click on the upper dropdown box in this area to adjust it.



The image to the left shows the area where you will input your settings

for photos for the Oviedo Photo Club Website.


Your settings should be the same as those shown here. 


The only exception is the number in the Percent box.  This will

vary depending on the size of your original picture. 

Once you input these settings you can select the lined area

at the upper right and chose to save these

settings for future submissions.




Once you have done this the image displayed within the box

will likely change in size.  Do not be concerned. You can go back

to the settings in the bottom corner to reset it to how you want to view it.


Once you have the settings complete go to the bottom right corner and

click the Save button as shown below.



A dialogue box will open where you will choose what you want to name

your image and where you wish to save the file.


The procedure should be similar in whatever photo editing software you

are using.


Once you have saved your image, please email it to

and include your name as you want it on the website, the title of your image and,

if you wish, what category you consider it to be. For example, nature, seascape, or

other brief description. Please keep the title fairly short as there is limited space

on the dropdown.


I am happy to update your image whenever you want to change it, but except for special events where additional photos are requested,

members will only be allowed to have one image at a time in the banner.